Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where does he come up with this stuff?

This morning at the breakfast table, I hear, "Linky, don't make me go all crazy eight ball on you." Then, he laughs and so does Link.
In case you are wondering, this comes from a movie, Everyone's Hero, that Pappy recorded for him at Christmas. We rented it when we got home, and Memaw and Pappy are bringing a copy with them when they come today. This phrase, along with the word "idiot", has entered Ethan's vocabulary since watching this movie. I seriously don't understand how a kid can watch an hour and a half movie, and pick up the single worst word from an entire movie. He doesn't even know what the word means.
I also have a Bucky and Earl update for those of you that are wondering how they are doing. Well, they have a new friend, Strawberry. Strawberry is semi-real. It's a play fruit from the toy kitchen. Apparently, Bucky and Earl have been really sick this week and Strawberry has been helping them feel better. Strawberry painted with Bucky and Earl today to make them feel better. When we got home, Ethan had to take Strawberry to the bathroom to wash him because he had paint on his hands. When I told Ethan that I didn't know that Strawberry had hands he said, "MOM-they are pretend hands." SOOORRYYY!

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