Saturday, January 24, 2009

Funny facts

Right before Christmas, Nate and I found two books written Goodnight Moon style. One was Goodnight Virginia and the other was Goodnight Washington, D.C.. Each night this week the boys have asked to read Goodnight Washington D.C. and Goodnight Moon. The second night we read it Ethan said, "Look, there's the Lincoln Memorial." He also recognized the capitol. The next night, I asked if he knew who our new president was and he replied, "Uncle Obama." He knows his name now. We have a different book in the car that has landmarks from all over the world. Today he noticed a landmark that looks very similar to the Lincoln Memorial. He says, "Mom, look here's Linky Memorial." He has been a WONDERFUL little boy this week. Thank goodness because Link is running me ragged! Nate got a taste of Link today. He has pushed his buttons all day!

This picture with the toenail clippers, was taken after he put his blush on while I was putting my makeup on. Ethan got less than satisfactory on his report card for personal hygiene skills. We're starting early with Lincoln!

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Amy said...

What exactly does it mean when a 4 year old has less than satisfactory hygeine skills?