Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Timing

This has been a rough week for all of us. I think the four of us have held it together really well during the day. Once we get home, the nerves are shot, and exhaustion sets in. Today was the last straw. Lincoln was fussy. Ethan didn't want to share, and I just wanted to sit until Nate got home. During the hour and a half we had until Nate got home, both kids went to timeout twice! When Nate was five minutes away, both kids ran to the window to wait for him. I had asked them to stop playing with the blinds three times before Ethan almost pulled the blind from the wall. Let's just say, that was the LAST straw. He went to his room and stayed there until it was time to go. Once Nate got home, they were fine. We ran our errands and ate dinner. We had a great time. Right before bed, Ethan came over and gave me a kiss. He gave me a big squeeze, and said, "Mommy, sorry I was so bad today!" It was the sweetest thing and such good timing! I thought it was such a mature thing to do. He is turning into a good little boy.

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