Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I WAS a part of HISTORY!!!!

This morning went off perfectly! Darcy picked me up at 7:30. We made it to the bus stop and were on a bus by 8:00. There was practically NO one there! We made it to the mall by 8:30. We were able to walk around Washington monument SUPER easily! We even made it to a portapotty without a line! By 10:00 the masses were growing. We decided to get a spot so we could see the jumbo tron. By this time, there was no moving. It was definitely getting packed.

Everyone was sooo happy! People were calm. At one point, the announcer for the inauguration, asked for everyone to please take a seat. The crowd cracked up! NO ONE was sitting!!! We were able to see the inauguration and hear everything. Everyone was quiet. As soon as the speech was over, everyone started moving towards the exit. By exit, I mean, the way we needed to go. I thought we made good time getting to the bus stop. We were there about 12:40. Again, people were very calm. Imagine leaving a foot ball game but there is never a break. It was like that. When we got to the bus stop, we saw one Landmark bus, which was full and leaving. Between this time and the time we got on the bus at 4:30, we only saw two other buses. Metro did not have their act together today! The last few hours were COLD...I MEAN COLD!!! My cheeks are burnt from wind! We did find a "warming bus" which ended up being our savior for the afternoon! I really hate to complain. It was such an amazing opportunity! I knew what I was up against today, and it was worth every freezing minute of the day! Thanks for going with me DARCY!!!

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Amy said...

All I can say is AWESOME!