Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Missing Daddy...all of us!

This morning, which came too early, Ethan said, "Mommy, don't go back to the capitol today. It's too cold for you!" After some questions and comments from him today, I realized he payed attention to what happened yesterday. He asked to look at pictures of the Capitol and our new president. At school yesterday they colored pictures of the First Family. He colored the girls red, pink and orange. He colored Barack brown. I guess I needed to give him a little more credit. For dinner, I made fish sticks and french fries. I didn't want to tell E what dinner was for fear he wouldn't eat the fish. I told him it was a surprise. We had a little picnic on the floor and watched Scooby Doo. He took a bite and said, "hmmm...not bad!" When I asked if he wanted to know what they were he said, "Mom, they're fish sticks!" HA!! I guess they've have fish sticks at school before!
Link is missing his Daddy. He went to the window and called for him. He got the cell phone and tried calling him. During dinner, Nate called, and Link was able to talk. Ethan has tried picking up the slack. Tonight, while I was getting the bathtub ready, E picked out jammies without me asking. He got matching sports jammies for both of them. I guess he has little bit of me in him! We are all missing our Daddy! Hurry home, Nate!

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