Tuesday, April 28, 2015

London Weekend Trip

When my friend, Bri, said that she was going to London for a conference and that she didn't want to travel alone, I jumped on the opportunity for another trip to London.
 Our trip started off rocky when our 4:00 am shuttle to the airport never arrived.  We hurried by car to the airport and made it safely and on time.  We spent Friday exploring the city.  
 In all of my trips to London,  I had not been in the Portrait Gallery.  Shakespeare is above. 
 This horrible picture is a bust made out of the sculpture's blood!  YUCK!
 Our hotel was near Hyde Park, so we strolled over before dinner. 
 Peter Pan. 
 I had Saturday and Sunday to myself because Bri was in her conference.  I spent both days shopping and exploring.  I did make into the National Gallery.  

 Van Gogh's Sunflowers.  
 Monet's Waterlily Pond
 I took this picture for the boys.  Ethan and Lincoln hated this picture.  I thought it was funny!
 On Sunday, the London Marathon was happening.  The streets were pretty bare compared to Saturday's massive crowds.  

 Buckingham Palace is at the end of this street. 
 I fought these crowds on Saturday when shopping.  NOT my idea of fun!
I was able to find a few things, see a few things, and eat a few yummy things!  
I love LONDON!  

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