Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hike to the Windmills

We move into a friend's house next week for the remaining weeks of our stay in Germany.  I had ONE more thing that I wanted to do before we left Erzenhausen:  hike to the windmills.  
I told the fellas that on Saturday morning we were making the hike.  
Once we got to the top of the hill, we stopped to take a picture of the scenery.  
I noticed two horses sprinting towards us.  
I think they thought we had food.  
Well hello there!!!
They were so friendly.  
Ethan picked up every rock and stick he could find!
After what seemed like HOURS we finally found them!

We see these everyday, and they seem so close.  Once you get up to one you realize how HUGE they are and how they are really far away from us down in Erzenhausen.
We glanced at my watch and realized that we only had two hours before Link's baseball game!  
We started hustling home!
Last peek over my shoulder!
I made a big mistake of thinking that if we took this path it would be MUCH shorter!  Oops....the path ended and we had to back track.  Our hike ended up taking us 2 hours and 20 minutes.  Both guys had baseball today AND Link had his birthday party at World of Fun tonight.  
These guys are going to sleep GOOD!!!
Hike to the Windmills-CHECK!!!
Man, we are going to miss Erzenhausen!

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