Sunday, April 12, 2015

London Day 2

 In 2000, Marilyn and I went to London.  Our first stop off the plane was to Hampton Court Palace.  I had the worst jet lag!  I didn't remember a thing!  This time, we were plenty rested!
 Hampton Court Palace is one of the two remaining palaces owned by Henry VIII.  
 It was a quick train ride from Waterloo Station on a gorgeous day!
 The palace had lots of activities for kids.  
They had drawing books and scavenger hunt books along with audio guides.
 We visited the palace kitchens first.
We sat in the Great Hall and let the boys work on their booklets.  
 It really kept them occupied while we listened to our audio guide.  
 We explored Henry VIII's apartments.  These dresses were made out of paper.  
 We also explored King George's apartments.  

 Years ago, photography was not allowed.  Marilyn was videoing in this room and the tour guide told her "NO PHOTOGRAPHY!"  I had to show her it was allowed now!
 We spent quite a bit of time outside.   It was an amazingly beautiful day!
 About the only thing I do remember from the 2000 visit, was the maze.  I remember wanting to cry because I was so tired and I wanted to lay down!  I thought it took us forever or about 30 minutes to get through it!  These speedy guys did it in less than 10 minutes.

 After the maze, we found the gardens.  

 They wanted to climb the trees so badly.  
 This side of the palace reminded me of Versailles.  

 We spent about six hours at Hampton Court Palace.  It wasn't until the last few minutes that the fellas started complaining.  The palace did a great job of having lots of activities for kids!
Beautiful sunset on our way across the Black Friar's Bridge on our walk back to the hotel.
This day was the favorite of the trip for Nate and I both!

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