Sunday, April 12, 2015

London Spring Break 2015

 We got into London on Easter evening.  
We were lucky enough to be able to have dinner at a great burger place near our hotel.
 Our hotel is right near the Thames.  We walked down the river and took a few night pictures.
 I love the Globe!
 St. Paul's Cathedral across the river.  
 We decided to have Museum Monday!  Our first stop was at the Modern Tate Museum.  
 Nate gave Ethan his old Ipod Touch and he was in heaven taking pictures this trip.
 As we walked into the first room, Lincoln says that he thinks that painting is a Picasso.  Sure enough, he was right.  I didn't think too much of it until the stinker walked to the next room
 and did the same thing.
 We laughed and then it became a challenge.  He was right 9/10x! I was shocked!  Picasso is pretty distinctive, but this museum was mostly abstract art.  
 He asked me to take his picture every time he found one!

 The Tate was a fun museum.  
 We crossed the Thames near St. Paul's Cathedral on our way to the British Museum.

 We found a Dutch restaurant serving what they call pancakes.  I call it a crepe.   Nate and I shared this massive plate and we still didn't finish it!
 We had a nice cool day to explore the British Museum.  
The last time we were here it was HOT and crowded!
 We headed straight to the Parthenon exhibits.  The last time we saw this exhibit, we had not seen the actual Parthenon.  It was neat to see it again and imagine it on the Parthenon.  
 We explored the Nineveh exhibit and then headed to the Egyptian mummies.  
 We were tired so, we decided to sit in a coffee shop and play on the phone until dinner.  
 This was what we were ALL excited about!  Dinner at Gordon Ramsay's Heddon Street Kitchen!
 I love that they had a three course kid's menu, but the BEST part was that the 
kid's meals were free on Easter Monday!  
 I had the pork belly, apple sauce, and mashed potatoes.  Nate had fish, potato puree, and macaroni and cheese.  Lincoln had rigatoni with meat sauce.  Ethan had fish, peas, and chips. 
We all shared barbeque wings.  
For dessert, Nate and I had mini donuts.  Lincoln had brownie and ice cream.  
Ethan had this massive ice cream cookie sandwich!
At the end of the week, I asked which day was the best.  Lincoln picked his day!   
I think it was mainly for dinner! 

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