Sunday, April 12, 2015

London Day 3

 We started our day off walking down to Buckingham Palace.  Both boys are super independent.  We found them walking so far ahead of us a few times.  We usually yell, "GUYS" and they come back.  This morning, as the boys were way ahead of us again, Nate yelled, "GUYS" and these two officers jerked around.  They looked at Nate and said, "Us guys?"  He laughed and said no the little guys.  One officer laughed and said, "Oh good!  I thought we were in trouble!"  It was hilarious! 
 We got a few quick pictures of Buckingham Palace. 
 Then, we headed to see Wicked.
 We have been talking about seeing Wicked for years now!  On Wednesday, they have matinee showings which is perfect for our family!
 We had AMAZING seats!  No one sat in front of Ethan or Lincoln.  They had a perfect view!
 The show was the highlight of our trip.
 After the show, we walked down to see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and Parliament.
 Once again, Ethan loved taking pictures. 

 Lincoln found Lincoln!
 We couldn't decided what to do for dinner, so we went back towards the hotel and had 
burgers and shakes again!  
At the end of the trip, I asked everyone what their favorite day was and this was Ethan's favorite day.

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