Saturday, April 18, 2015

Baseball 2015

 Lincoln moved up to the Coach Pitch League this year.  He had his first game today.
 He is still awkward and unsure how to stand or bat,
 but he is enjoying it so much more than he ever has.  
 We shipped our bat, and we are both regretting it!  He is having a hard time figuring out how to swing.  He told me on the way to the game that all he wanted to do was run the bases.  My heart broke when he struck out for the third time.  However, his coach yelled at him to head to first!
 I was sooooo happy and he grinned and grinned!  He got to run the bases and that made his day!
 Lincoln and I missed Ethan's game.  We picked up Link's friends for his birthday party.  
I gave Nate the camera and he took some pictures for me.  

He got to pinch run.  
When I saw him, he said he had a great game.  He loves sports so much.  
I don't think he ever has a bad game!

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