Saturday, April 4, 2015


 We've had Cochem on our to do list since the fall of 2012.  We took a day trip in November of 2012 only to learn that the castle closes November 1st and doesn't reopen until April 1st.  
 It is a good two hour drive so by the time we got there it was time for lunch.  
We found a little Italian Pizzaria and the food was amazing!
 I was glad we ate first because we had a hike up to the castle.  
 The views of the Mosel river were great!
 We took a guided tour so that we could see the inside of the castle.  The tours are only in German.  Our tour guide spoke really slow.   At one point she asked where we lived.  I told her Kaiserslautern and she said, "Oh then you should understand me."  Ughhh....yes I SHOULD....but I don't!  

 It was a great tour and a great little day trip.   We have the most uncomfortable temporary furniture so we have to get out of the house as much as possible!
I am going to miss these German day trip cities!

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