Sunday, May 3, 2015

Last trip to the Netherlands

 We took our third annual trip to visit Keukenhof in the Netherlands.  
We started our morning off in Leiden. Last year we found a bagel place that was excellent.  The guy made the bagels as we were sitting there.  They were so yummy!  It was a great way to start off our day of tulips!
 I am so happy that Nate enjoys seeing the tulips as much as I do!
Right after the movers left, I thought they packed my camera, so we bought a new one.  Last week, we found it in the glove box of the car.  I let Ethan use it on Saturday.  He LOVED taking pictures!

I found lots of selfies on the disc!

We went a little later in the year and lots of the tulip were open really wide. 
Ethan took this picture!
 Keukenhof has a theme each year.  This year was Van Gogh.  

 Link was asked to pose by me and Ethan!  Poor guy!


 Lincoln refused to get on this thing.  After Ethan finished and we walked away, he started in saying how much he regretted not trying it.   Silly boy!
 We found caramel waffle cookies on our way to the car. 
 I thought this photo was so appropriate....waffles and bikes!!  
We are always sooooo shocked by the number of bikes in the Netherlands.  
 We drove to see some of the fields after we left Keukenhof.  

Self-timer family photo!!
                    We are selling both of the cars.  We just had Nate's car detailed on Thursday.
This silly bird walked all over the roof of his car and left dirty bird footprints.  

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