Sunday, April 12, 2015

London Day 4

We started our last full day in London off at Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian.  
We also toured the Royal Observatory.  
In the middle of the museum I found some clocks and a log book from a watchmaker and inventor who spent time at the observatory.  Who knows?  Maybe we are related!

Once again, on our 2000 trip, Marilyn was enthralled by a tour given at the observatory.  They now only do audio guides, so I had Nate reenact the tour for her!
The views from here would be impressive if we didn't have such a foggy day.
The astronomer Halley spent time here too.  We found his Meridian Line on the wall.
I knew I had one little boy who would LOVE to tour the Cutty Sark.
He enjoyed it, but I think his brother may have enjoyed it more!
I found a sign that said on April 2nd they had a sleepover on the Cutty Sark.  
These guys would have loved that!
I don't know where the adults would sleep because these beds are tiny!

The fog cleared up and we were hungry!  
We all enjoyed fish and chips for lunch!
By 1:00 we were finished with our entire day's plans.  So, we headed to another train station across the Thames and made a quick decision to try to see Wimbledon.  

We had no clue where to go once we got off the train, but thankfully we found some signs to tennis!  We had about a 30 minute walk through Wimbledon Village.  It was beautiful.
On our way through the village, we noticed and mom and toddler walking towards us.  The little boy starts running to us.  He gets in front of Ethan, rears his arm back, punched Ethan in the gut.  Our jaws fell open and his mother called him back.  She apologized and walked off.  We all cracked up!  The rest of the day, we warned Ethan of toddlers passing us!
We peaked through the fence and found some of the courts.
And a rolex clock!
We were able to go to the Wimbledon museum and take a peak through the glass at Center Court.
Very cool!
Afterwards, we saw a few of the smaller courts.  The grass was very green!

I really enjoyed the museum.  We saw clothes from famous players such as Agassi, the Williams sisters, Jimmy Connors, John MacEnroe, lots of others.  This is Agassi's racket.  
Of course, the trophies were stunning.  

We enjoyed some cookies from Center Court to fuel us for the long walk to the tube!
After our walk and train ride back to the city, we ate some super yummy and super spicy Indian food.  I think I was too exhausted to remember to take any pictures. 
I don't think we could have had a better last Spring Break in Europe!  We all LOVE London!

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