Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pirate Playground

The fellas have been looking forward to going to this park for a while.  It's been HOT this week, so we thought we would give it a go today!
There were about ten of these wooden rafts and they were a hot commodity.  
Once the boys got on one they wouldn't give it up!  
In fact, they took turns getting on the pirate ship so they wouldn't lose it!
So the German kids knew exactly how to use these.  They found a long stick and used it like they do in the bayou and pushed off with it.  My fellas couldn't not figure it!  
Link finally got off and pushed them.
Then they got on their bellies and used it like a kick board.  
I was cracking up watching how hard of a time they were having ! 
In the distance, Ethan is holding on to the raft, so Link can get on the pirate ship.  
The sun went behind a cloud and Ethan got out and wrapped up in the towel.  Link stayed in and two American boys came over.  It's funny how they could find the one American boy in the water.  They played for a long time and then a girl yelled, "LINCOLN."  Link and apparently the other Lincoln turned their heads and said, "WHAT?"  It was funny.  My Lincoln said, "How in the world does she know my name?"  The other Lincoln said, "I have no idea." I was rolling!  It was so funny!  

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