Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Harry Potter

 Let me start this post off by saying the pictures from today do not do this place justice!  We went to Warner Bros. today to see where Harry Potter was filmed.  Nate and I purposefully put this at the end of our trip because we knew that nothing could top this for the fellas!
 I have not seen a setup this good besides Disney.  They did a great job of making sure you had plenty of time to see everything and they spread the crowd out really well.  
Above is a picture of the Great Hall.  
 They had actual costumes and props from the movies.  Here is Harry's costume in various stages of wear throughout the movie.  They also had all the wigs to look at.   
 Gryffindor bedroom.  You can see Harry's bed and Ron's bed.
 Invisibility Cloak
 Dumbledore's office was amazing.  We stood there for about five minutes and still didn't catch all the details they had in the room.  
 In fact, Nate caught the sorting hat at the last minute.
 Wand lesson
 The Weasley's Burrough
 I was sooo hoping that we would be able to try Butterbeer!  It was great!
 The Knight Bus
 Ron's flying car
 #4 Privet Drive 
 Hogwart's Bridge
 The special effects were amazing.  They did a great job of showing you how they did certain effects.  The costumes and masks were so detailed.  We couldn't believe that they kept so much for display.
 My Diagon Alley pictures definitely didn't do it justice.  It was so cool!  Here is Ollivander's.
At the very end, they showed up a scaled model of Hogwarts that was used during all the movies.  
It was breathtaking!  All in all, we spent a quick four hours here. 
 It flew by!  We had so much fun!  
I think the boys will be talking about this place for a long time!

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