Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July in London!?!?

Our hotel is only a few blocks away from the Globe Theater, so we made this our first stop!
When Marilyn and I were here 13 years ago (WOW), this one of my favorite stops.  
I have to was still great! 

Next stop, the Tower of London.

We started off following a Yeoman for an hour long tour.

After about 30 minutes of being squished in this group listening to a LOT of English history, we split of and took our own tour.

By 12:30 we were shocked that we had completed the Globe and Tower of London tour.  
We had anticipated that these two might take all day!

We walked down and had Fish and Chips at a restaurant near the water.  

The Tower Bridge has a tour, and since we had extra time we decided to enjoy it.
We were able to get a good view of London.  Yes, it's grey and overcast here too!

The boys LOVED the Tower Bridge.  There were four specific stops that had stickers.  The boys were able to finish a sticker page of the Tower.  They had so much fun!

We walked by the Tower of London and these guys were fighting.  
  Leadenhall Market was Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies.  We stopped for a quick peek.
ALL day, Ethan asked when we were going to see Big Ben.  
Since we still had time before dinner, we metroed it over to Westminster.  
In the background, the statue is Abraham Lincoln.

MUCH happier now that he saw Big Ben!
We are all beat!  Now we have to rethink tomorrow, since we did so much today!

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