Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last Day :(

Today was our last full day in London.  We made reservations at Gordon Ramsay's  Bread Kitchen and it was very good. The boys were absolutely wonderful at the restaurant!
Nate had a few things left on his Clark W. Griswald list that he wanted to check off, so THANKFULLY he went on a seven mile run this morning to see everything.  The boys and I relaxed in the hotel.  After lunch, we stopped at Harrods to cross my last list item off!

 After Harrods, we went and had scones, cupcakes, and tea.  Nate and I didn't want to admit that our scones were basically Grand's biscuits, but once Ethan and Lincoln said they didn't like their cupcakes we admitted our scones were not very good!  
We all enjoyed the tea.
 It was only 2:00, so we walked over to the Natural History Museum.  It was free!  :)
 We stayed about an hour.  It was so hot in there!  
They had all the windows closed and it was very crowded.  
 We relaxed at the hotel (Nate napped after his seven mile run).  We walked up the street for burgers one more time before we leave tomorrow.
YUMMY MILKSHAKE!  None of us want to go home.  London, we have enjoyed every minute!  (ok....maybe not those 45 minutes at Ben Frankin's house)

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