Sunday, July 7, 2013

England Tour Day

 We went on a crazy long tour of England today. 
We woke up at 5:30 to get to our station for our tour.  First stop was Windsor Castle.  
Lincoln loves seeing the Royal Guards. 

 Our tour guide gave us a quick tour of the outside of the castle and then we (aka the boys) enjoyed an audio tour of the state rooms.  They told us more than once that we needed to slow down because they hadn't finished their section of the audio tour. 
We hopped on the bus and headed to Stonehenge!  
We had a quick 50 minutes to stop and take pictures.  
Tonight, Ethan told us we could have skipped this one!  Crazy boy!
 We had a few minutes to spare so the boys read their books while Nate and I stared at something that was over 5000 years old.  They did not get the magnitude of where we were!  
They were very excited to stop for lunch at 3:00 pm, and so was everyone else on the bus!

We had a pub lunch of fish and chips in Lacock!
This was the house of Harry Potter when he lived with his parents.  

 Our last stop was Bath.  Today the temperature reached over 90 degrees and I needed a bath!  
 Maybe not in this green boiling water though.
 Our tour guide, Hugh, was great!  While we were walking the streets of Bath, the fellas ran up to chat with him about school.  He had boys that were 6 and 8, as well.  We jumped back on the bus (coach in England) and left about 6:00.  We didn't arrive back at the hotel until 9:00.  
It was a long day, but super fun!  

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