Monday, July 8, 2013

British Museum

 British Museum was at the top of our list today.
 We saw the Rosetta Stone as soon as we walked in.
 Marilyn and I were here 13 years ago and we were so exhausted on our British Museum day. All I remember was us doing silly pictures.  So, Ethan and Lincoln helped me recreate some!

 I definitely don't remember most of the museum items being hundreds of years BC.  
 This column was from 415 BC.
 This is from the Parthenon.  
It is actually sad that so many things from the Parthenon are in this museum.
 Also from the Parthenon.  
 Easter Island Statue.
 Ethan being chased by a snake. 
 Ethan was excited to see so many mummies!
Lincoln wanted to see the pirate treasure!
Lincoln found a gold pirate ship on the map and he was on a mission to find it!  
It turns out it was a clock.  
We had fun at the British Museum, but everyone agreed we still like the Louvre the best!

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