Saturday, July 6, 2013

London Day 3

After sleeping in a bit and a late breakfast, we headed to Kensington Palace.  
We took the tour and were able to see a lot of the old Royal rooms.
There were a few interactive pieces in the Palace.   Besides these heavy coats, a lady in costume talked to the boys about different jobs they could have in the Palace.

 After the Palace, we walked down to Princess Diana's playground!
It was a super hot day and the boys played hard for a while before lunch.

(while we were waiting on our lunch)
 We promised the M&M store.  You would not believe how many people were in the square and in the store!  It was sensory overload!!!

 Next stop the Royal Mews (where the horses and carriages are kept).
 Enjoying another audio tour.  We've learned if it has an audio tour, they will love it!
 He asked early in the week to go here.  He did not want us to rush him through the tour.
 The coronation carriage was spectacular.
 Buckingham Palace!
 Royal Guard.

I thought there was no way we could pack more than what we did today in a day....until tomorrow.
Windsor, Stonehenge, Lacock, and Bath.

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