Friday, July 5, 2013

London day 2

 A pot of porridge and a spot of tea to start the morning off.
 Are you telling me we have to walk over to that church?
 YEP!  (on the Millennial Bridge)
 They actually LOVED the tour.  They had a kids audio tour.  Ethan told me "the commentator had a funny sense of humor and they gave you quizzes." 
 We didn't plan on stopping at Trafalgar Square, but when we popped out of the metro we were there.  We decided to go to Ben Franklin's house.  I have to say it was a waste of 45 minutes of my life.  I will never get it back.  We literally listened to a lady talk about 4 EMPTY rooms of his house.
 We also happened to walk up as the horse guards were doing a parade.
 After a yummy Japanese lunch, we made it just in time to see inside
Westminster Abbey before the tours closed.  
I did not charge my camera, so I was very selective in my picture taking.  
We had to get one more of these photos, though!  
We also went to Covent Garden today.  That place was so busy/crowded.  We had burgers, cupcakes,  and bought some souvenirs.  Lincoln found a nautical store and bought pirate souvenirs!  

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