Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Viva La Vida Loca

 On Monday, the families took the hop on hop off bus tour of Madrid.  We were on our feet the entire day before and thought the bus would give us a chance to see the city sitting down!
 We stopped at a few stops to get coffee and let the boys run around.  
We also stopped to let the fellas buy some souvenirs.  
Ethan bought a really pretty Spanish fan, and Link bought a matador cape.  
As the boys were waving their capes, a cute spanish abuela asked the boys, "Cuantos toros?"
We ate pretty much ALL day!  Tapas are everywhere!

Today, we split up and our family did LOTS of walking.
 We started the day at the Naval Museum. 
 This museum was awesome and not just because we have a ship lover in the family.
 The Spanish Armada was so impressive back in the day.  The museum had so many mini replicas.  
 The artwork was gorgeous.  This is a painting of Christopher Columbus.  
 This is the oldest remaining map with America on it.  It was dated 1500.
 This room was dedicated to world explorers.  There were replicas of the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria, globes, and compasses galore.  We all really enjoyed this museum.
But, it was a gorgeous day and we wanted to spend it at the park. 
 We headed to Retiro Park.  It's compared to Central Park in NYC.
 Our goal was to find as many playgrounds as we could in the park.
 The boys counted eight in all.
 We stopped mid-day for tapas right outside the park.  
After a quick lunch, we headed back in the park for more playing.   

 I had read about some really good shoe stores a few blocks from the park, so we headed that way.  Someone fell asleep in Daddy's arms on the way.  Poor Nate got a work out today!  
 This crazy girl had FOUR dogs!  Her boyfriend/hubby/partner was hustling us to give her money.  
My guess is they needed money for dog food. 
 Right as we got to the door at Sephora, the workers broke out in a choreographed dance!  
It was really good!  The shopping in this city is great!
We ended the night with some paella.  Our feet were screaming for a break.  Nate's arms were crying for some relief.  We headed home for early bed!  We walked so much today and had a great time!  I can't wait for tomorrow!  We are loving Espana!!!

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