Thursday, April 11, 2013

Avila and Segovia

On Wednesday, we took a bus tour to Avila and Segovia.
 Our first stop was Avila.  The city lies behind a medieval wall.  
Saint Theresa (not to be confused with Mother Theresa) was born and raised in Avila.  This is the convent where she was a nun.
This church was built where her house used to be.  
There was an entire shrine room in the church dedicated to her.
 Next stop was Segovia.  The terrain reminded me of west and northern Texas.  
 We went straight to lunch.  
We ordered the typical Segovian meal (bean soup, vegetables, and suckling pig).
 They had prepared the boys a special kid friendly meal!

This is a 2000 year old aquaduct that the Romans built.
 Next stop was the Cathedral.  It was gorgeous!
 We walked a bit further to the town castle.
 The views from the castle were so pretty.

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