Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toledo, Spain

 I have been wanting to go to Toledo for a few months now.  I just read the Last Queen and Toledo played a big part in the book.  We booked another bus tour and this time the bus stopped outside the city for some photographs.
The city is surrounded by a river which creates a natural moat.
 Toledo is famous for its sword and knife making.  On every block, shops were selling jewelry and swords.  NO we did not buy the boys a sword!  
 The city has lots of churches.  We stopped in most of them.
One of them had a treasure room.  It contained lots of gold!  
 Lincoln fell asleep after the first church.
 We stopped at a museum and were able to take some pictures from the balcony.
 The boys were such troopers today!  They walked and walked and walked!
 I asked him if he was praying or sleeping, but he wouldn't answer me.
 Cervantes was from Toledo.  We walked down the route of Don Quixote.  

We stopped at Alcazar.  Alcazar was once a 3rd century Roman Palace, 
a military school, and now a museum.
 We somehow picked up a fifth fella.  He was with his mom on vacation from California.
 After a long day, we stopped at a factory that made the famous Damasquino jewelry and swords. 
We were able to watch the artisans making a pendant.
The boys kept asking Nate to pull the swords out.  This was definitely the highlight of the day for them.  I am so glad we took a couple day trips out of Madrid.  The Spanish country side is pretty and the outlining towns are full of history!  

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