Saturday, April 13, 2013


I took so many pictures.  
These are a few of my favorite things or favorite photos from the trip (that I haven't already blogged).
One of our FAVORITE things about Spain was that we were able to communicate so much easier than here in Germany (or even Italy and France for that matter).  
 This city was so pretty.  The architecture was gorgeous!
 THE SUN!!!  Oh how I have missed you!

Europe in general is so rich in history.  
 The museums were great!
 It's silly, but watching my boys run and play in a park are some of my favorite memories.  
 They can say that they have played in Retiro park in Madrid!
 Our day trips to Avila, Segovia, and Toledo let us see other parts of Spain.  I love how Mary is smiling at Jesus.  You very rarely see her smiling in pictures or statues.  
You know he had to have brought her so much joy!  How could she NOT smile all the time!
 The doors in Spain are gorgeous.  
 The country side is so rocky.  It is so different than Germany.
 STARBUCKS.....oh how I have missed you, too!  We had Starbucks at least twice day!
Here is Nate saying, "Donde esta la biblioteca?"  AQUI!  AQUI!

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