Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last day

On our last day we had plans to meet up with the Gabrielskis for some shopping and playing, but Nate and I slept in on Friday and we weren't able to meet up.  
We did a little shopping and saw a few sites that we missed this week.  
Church Jeromina is one of the prettiest churches in Madrid.  
Many Spanish royals have been married here.  
We stopped to get a picture of the the Christopher Columbus monument.  The sun is right in our eyes!
We let the boys play at the park some more and then walked across the city back to our hotel before dinner.  I took this picture at 3:45 on a workday.  The place is packed.  
The Spanish know how to take breaks!
We all met up again for dinner in a cave restaurant.  
It was really cool and the boys were happy to have dinner one more night with each other. 
 Everyone came back to our room for a goodbye hug!  Jessica and I went out for a girls shopping night before heading home today.  The shops closed at 10:00 and as I was walking home I looked around.  The streets were so packed I could barely move!  It is so funny how they do everything so much later than us.  Overall, Madrid was a blast!  We loved Spain and were so happy we were able to experience it with good friends!

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