Saturday, April 6, 2013

Madrid, Spain

I am so happy to have the buddies back together for a little vacation in Spain.We just so happened to arrive in Madrid at the same time, so we checked in to our apartments and stopped for some churros con chocolate!
 The crazy thing is that this place is literally around the corner from our place!  Yikes!
 Our expert on Madrid and our expert map reader got together and helped us navigate around the area we are staying in.
 We all seem to love European plazas, piazzas, platz, whatever they seem to be called! 
 I also love having someone here to take family photos.  Thanks Andy!
 We stopped by an indoor market.  Again.....Yummo!  We are definitely hitting this place up again.

 The boys were obsessing over these homemade chips.
 We ended the evening early.  We had some paella and called it a night.  
Twelve hours of traveling and touring wears you out!  

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