Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bull Fight ('s bloody)

 Months ago, as we were planning this trip, Jessica mentioned going to a bullfight!  
Nate and I jumped on the idea and said, YES! 
 My mother is the one that pointed out that the bulls actually die.  We did not think that one through!
 Jessica assured me that we were far up and it's mostly a spectacle show.  
I think all of us were a little nervous, but once it started it was amazing!  
It is hard to describe how colorful and exciting the show is.
In the beginning, the Toreadors just come out and run the bulls around.  This part is fun to watch.  

Then the horses come out and the guys on the horses stab the bull and then the pretty Toreadors stab the bull some more.  I have to admit on the first bull it was shocking.  Really Shocking!!! 
The fellas covered their eyes for the first bull and every time that the horses stabbed the bull.   The horses were in armor, but they still got rammed by the bull.  That was the hardest part to watch.
 By the time that the Matador came out, the bull was pretty tired and the show really started.  This Matador was not a crowd favorite. In fact, the Spaniards yelled at him the whole time.  
 This guy, on the other hand, was amazing!  He was quite the showman!
 There were six bulls in total and by the middle of the second one, Lincoln came around.  
Ethan was all in after the first bull!  
 It was a beautiful evening!  When the sun hit you, it was warm and cozy!
 This bull put up a fight!  He was stubborn!
 This Matador got on his knees in front of the gate and the bull came charging!  
The crowd went crazy and I almost had a heart attack!
 He actually got flipped in the air three times.  The blood on his suit is from the bull.  That is how close he got every time!  Again....he was quite the showman!
 Here he is showing off!
And, of course, he won for the night!  I was so proud of our fellas.  We thought we might make it through one bull, but we made it through all six!  The show was amazing!  We were out for twelve hours today, but we all were on an adrenaline high after the fight!

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