Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday Boy

 Lincoln, crazy man Leap, turned six on Saturday.  
He told me that he no longer wanted me to call him Baby Bear.  He is now Medium Bear!  
 With a tiny bit of encouragement from Nate and I, he decided to have his best buddy from school spend the night instead of a full blown b/day party!
 So, Friday night we opened presents and had cake!  He is so easy!  Link is honestly happy with everything he gets!  He makes such a big deal of each present and is so happy!   You should have heard the screams and squeals when he opened this Batman visual dictionary from Memaw!  
 This is another example of how easy going this kid is.  He told us he wanted a yellow cake.  We asked if he wanted a score bought or homemade.  He chose homemade.  I make the cake and Nate made the icing.  Let's just say.....thank goodness it tasted good because it is UGLY!  
He and his buddy stayed up until 9:30 and then woke up giggling and screaming at 6:00.  
They had such a good time!  
I can't believe he is six!  Let's just stop time now!  NO more growing!

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