Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Came

 Santa made an early test run to our house again this year.  We are going to Italy tomorrow and so we wanted the boys to have a day at home with all of their gifts!  Ethan woke Link up and by this picture you can tell he just wasn't fully awake!
 Santa brought the boys a new Nintendo Wii U.  They started playing right away!
 After about 15 minutes they started opening presents.  Nate gave them their socks and underwear package first.  Link was not having it!
 The new Jake Pirate ship made him smile!  
I ordered this from and the ship is in German.  oops!
 Marilyn got them each a new 3DS and a game.  This woke him right up!  
 Granny's blankets were a hit!  They are nice and long!  Link has not let his leave his side, yet!
 They each took 5 dollars to school and bought gifts from the school store for each other.  It turns out they bought each other the same gift.  They laughed and laughed about it!
 This crazy boy has been wanting this game forever!  It turns out he played it for about five minutes and it keeps falling over.  He already doesn't like it!  I don't blame him.  It is not very sturdy.
 Link opened this sword cautiously.  He hit the noise button and said, "YES!!!  It's in ENGLISH!"  I ordered this one from not .de!!
 We wrapped Daddy's presents in food boxes.  Link says, "Dad, it's not corndogs! Ok?"  
This is the aftermath photo!  We have LOTS of amazon boxes and lots of USPS priority boxes!  Thank you everyone who sent gifts and money to order gifts!  
I was a proud Mama this Christmas.  Both of the boys were so appreciative of everything.  They keep saying it was the best Christmas ever!  They also really enjoyed giving everyone the gifts they bought!   We also got lots and lots of hugs from them!  They were very sweet!

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