Monday, December 31, 2012

Genoa, Milan, and Switzerland

 We left early from Camp Darby to make our way to our last resting place outside of Milan.  We took the drive up the Italian coast tand made a stop in Genoa.  This was some of our scenery on our drive!
 We made it to Genoa and it was a gorgeous city!
 The city sits on a hill and goes down to the coast!
 As we got to the city, we were in need of some lunch.  Marilyn asked a local where a good restaurant was and she took us to a VERY authentic Genoan restaurant.  
She walked us down some really cool streets to get there!
 This restaurant served Farinata.  It is a cake of ground chick peas.
 We all (except Ethan) really enjoyed it!
 Mixed plate of Farinata.
 We weaved our way back through tiny streets!  It was so cool!
 We stopped by Christopher Columbus' alleged house.  The guide books say that it can't be proved.
 Marilyn believes it's real!  :)
 We drove up to Milan.  I was sad to leave Genoa.  It was exactly what I pictured of Italy!
 Good-bye Genoa!
 Our only stop in Milan was the Cathedral.  The square still had their Christmas Market up.  I think every person in Milan was in the square!
The gargoyles were so detailed!
 There were lots of people in the square!

 Nate was super happy to get his last bit of gelato!  
 We left the next morning and were super happy that there was no fog on our drive back!  
Switzerland is much prettier without fog!
We enjoyed blue skies right up to the German border.  
Of course, gray skies welcomed us back to Germany!   
I didn't mind one bit!  It was nice to be home!  I missed my comfy bed!

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