Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we woke up and exchanged one more gift!  Lincoln got his Stuffie and Ethan got his invisible spy pen. 

 We split into two groups to make it down the elevator!  Then, we started on my over ambitious walking tour of Rome.  

 First stop Piazza Poppolo.  
 Second stop, Spanish Steps!  
 We let the boys bring their new DS' to take pictures on the tour.  They were so cute!  
Next, Trevi Fountain!
 Mar got a cute picture of them tossing their coins in.  Neither of them could come up with a good wish.  
The Pantheon was awesome! 
  Since it was Christmas day, it was closed.  There was a tiny crack in the door where you could look in.  Of course, there was a line to look in the crack!  
Last stop was Piazza Novona.  We all took a quick break on a bench before we trekked it back to the apartment.    We ate these yummy giant sugar donuts.  They were sooo good!!
Fountain at Piazza Novona.
 As we were walking back we came upon this gorgeous view of the Vatican.
Last stop was St. Angelo Castle.  
We were all dead on our feet and ready for some rest!!  

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