Monday, December 3, 2012

Night of their lives

 It was really snowing when I went to the bus stop this afternoon.  I decided to bring my camera to capture their faces as they got off the bus.
 Ethan came CHARGING off the bus.  I got a BIG hug!
 Lincoln took his sweet time getting off the bus.  He walked VERY slowly to me.  No hug!
 As we started walking up towards the house, I got the news that he received a 3 at school today.  Along with the 3 came a note from his teacher letting me know that he was talking, shouting out, and not listening.  I knew then we were in for a long night!
It wasn't thirty minutes later, that I received an email from Ethan's teacher letting me know that he made a 65 on his math test because he refused to use scratch paper when doing three digit subtraction!  I can't even do that without scratch paper!
Needless to say, both boys lost video games and movies.  They were sent to PLAY in their rooms.  That was it.  About ten minutes after they were "playing" in their rooms, they came down saying they were bored.  Lincoln says, "I bet all the other kids are having the night of their lives and we are having a horrible night!"  Man these kids have no clue how good they have it!  

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