Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve in Rome

 On Christmas Eve, we took the train into Rome.  We had a two hour train ride which was very relaxing after our marathon drive the few days before.  
 First stop was a restaurant near our apartment in Rome.  
We ordered enough food for leftovers that night!
 That evening, Marilyn kept the boys so that Nate and I could join 60,000 of our closest friends for midnight mass at the Vatican. 
 We met a really nice guy from Washington D.C. in front of us.  He took our picture.  There was also group of loud Americans who started a fight with some Germans and Italians who were cutting in line. They kept yelling that they were not being Catholic by cutting in line!  
The line wrapped around St. Peter's square two times so people were a little grumpy!
 We didn't think we would make it in the church, but we did!  We had to stand in the back.  
The church was beautiful!
 I could not see ANYTHING, but Nate held the camera over his head and we got this shot of the Pope's hat.  
 After about thirty minutes of not seeing anything or understanding a word, I went and sat in the corner.  Nate is over in the crowd behind a six foot five tall guy!
We left about a little over an hour in.  This was the crowd that didn't make it into the church.  This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we won't forget!

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