Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ancient Rome USO Tour

 Meet Angela, our USO tour Ancient Rome Tour Guide.  She was FANTASTIC and super knowledgeable!
 We were all in awe of how old the ruins were!  We were standing around many ruins from BC time.  Archeologists dug up many layers and stopped.  There were many more layers to go, but they stopped there.  
 Most of these ruins were adorned with marble and bronze.  Most of the valuable items were taken for the Vatican.  You can see the chain marks on the columns.  The pope decided he wanted these pilars for the Vatican, but when they pulled on them they wouldn't budge.  He then said that Mother Mary didn't want them to be moved!

 This was Palatine Hill.  Inside were the homes of many ancient rulers including Caesar Augustus.
 Here Angela is telling us that we are standing on a ancient Roman road!  
These are the bottom layer rocks.  
 This is the Arch of Titus!  It was so pretty.  My picture does not do it justice.
 It was a special treat for us to be allowed back to a room from Caesar Augustus' house.  You can see the original fresco painted walls.  Angela said this is usually not open.
Behind me is an ancient gym for a ruler.  
Just some more ancient ruins.  I was snapping pictures and didn't catch what this was!  :)

 They are all three walking the same way!
Finally!  The Coliseum!
The line was super, super, super long!  However, Angela took us right to the FRONT!
Did you know that the bottom layer of the coliseum is a series of 28 elevators for trap doors?

It was definitely the highlight of the tour.
This tour was amazing!  If you are going to Rome, look it up!

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