Sunday, November 4, 2012


The boys were off on Friday and Justin had finished up his work on Thursday.  We took him to Trier for some touring.  The weather was NASTY!  I barely took any pictures.  
We parked near a place that sold Ferraris and Porsches.
On Saturday, the weather was actually WORSE!  We drove two hours to go to Burg Eltz.  This is as far as we got.  We noticed that the gate was closed and there was NO one in the castle.  Apparently, they close for the season on November 1st.  
It was so rainy and cold.  The castle looks awesome.  
Hopefully, we will get back out to see it in the Spring.
We stopped for lunch at the cutest German cafe.  The owner had a little boy who rode around the cafe on his big wheel toy tractor.  He was adorable and the food was great.  We drove by a castle in Cochem and it was also closed.  We have to add it to our Spring list, as well!  Justin left today.  We all had a great two week visit with him.  I just wish the guys didn't have to work so much and the weather had been better!  I guess he just needs to come back!!! 

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