Monday, November 12, 2012


We visited a new country today!  Luxembourg is only about an hour and half away from us.  

Neither of us had any idea that Luxembourg City was built in 963 and was a medieval town.
It was gorgeous.  
This was an actual rode that you drive on!  Our Volvo barely cleared the entrance.  
I guess in 963 this was for horses or people on feet!
I recently read The Expats and wanted to see the Grand Palais.  
This gorgeous building was in the middle of some swanky shopping!  
We also stopped at the Luxembourg American Cemetery.  
It was cold so the boys took off running to warm up.
Happy Veterans Day!
There were lots of Americans at the cemetery and they were all waiting to get a peek at Patton's grave.
I didn't even notice that Lincoln was saluting until I loaded the pictures on the computer.  He is a stinker.  We decided to stop at a gas station for some sandwiches.  Its really funny but gas station food in Europe is good!  We sat in the parking lot at the cemetery and ate while a couple next to us made out forever in their car!  We laughed as we got home this afternoon that we only spent 15 euro all day!

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