Friday, November 16, 2012

Speyer Technik Museum

 I met a new friend a few weeks ago and since all the boys had the day off today, we went to Speyer and visited the Tecnik Museum.  This was a little boys HEAVEN!  The first thing we did was go up into a 747 and slide down!  Ethan was a little scared and opted out of the slide.
 Lincoln kept going back for more!
 Almost everything was interactive.  Ethan loved the planes and helicopters
 There was no surprise that Lincoln loved the boats!  
 I think that the submarine was my favorite!  
 One of the best things about this museum was there NO one else there.  
The boys had the submarine all to themselves.  They played forever!
 Look at that big smile!!!

 Ya think he might be a little bit nautical???
 Pirate face!
 We almost missed the entire space hanger.  We were WORN out after being here for over four hours, but I am glad we stopped by to see the Russian Space Ship.  
I may have said, "Russian Space Station" a few times!
This museum was awesome!  I can see going here on a yucky day to get some energy out of these fellas!

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