Sunday, November 18, 2012


 Ethan's buddy, Chase, had his ninth b/day party today at the outdoor recreation center!  
 The boys had a chance to practice climbing for a little bit.
 Then they each received two climbs with the instructor belaying them.  
 It took Ethan both tries to sort of get the hang of it.  It's funny that yesterday he wouldn't go down a slide, but climbing a giant wall........sure!
 He made it to the top! Coming down was a bit tricky.  He didn't get the hang of using both feet to push off the wall.  He kept spinning around.
 Once he was down, I noticed he hit the side of his head coming down. 
 He was fine and it didn't seem to phase him a bit!
 Lincoln was ready to go!!!  He had been practicing on the small wall for while and wanted to try out the big wall!
 This fella was a natural.  He just seemed to "get it!" 
 YIKES!!!  My baby is high up!
 He had to take a bit of a break towards the top.  His little legs were getting a work out!
 He also figured out how to come down really easily.
The best of the whole party was that BOTH boys were invited to spend the night!  Chase has a little brother in Kindergarten and his mom thought they would all enjoy a night together!  When we picked them up this morning, we learned that they had little sleep and might be a little tired today!  I declare a jammy day!

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