Sunday, November 25, 2012

Berlin day 3

 Day three started off with a walk over to a different section of the Berlin Wall.  As we were walking we saw these statues that were destroyed during the war.  The city has done a great job of rebuilding, but left these untouched.  
 You could see the bullet holes left in the walls. 
 So many people have been taking pieces of the wall for souvenirs that the wall is not fenced off here.
 Just around the corner was Checkpoint Charlie.  This guy was definitely German and for a few Euro you could pay to get your picture with him.  We just stood back and took one!  
 We went to the Checkpoint Charlie museum.  The boys were a bit disappointed that we didn't do the audio tour.  Here Nate is showing the boys Germany and Poland.  
 These goofballs saluted the whole time we were in the museum!
 A view of Checkpoint Charlie from the upstairs of the museum.
 AGAIN....saluting!  This time beside the American Flag and Ronald Reagan.  
 This boy was SPOILED by his Daddy all day!  
Nate carried the big backpack and the big five year old all day!
 Somehow we missed the Holocaust Memorial when we were at the Brandenburg Gate the day before. We walked over to see it.  The visitor center was closed.  It would have been nice to get some information on it, but it was cool to see it anyway.

 As we were leaving the Memorial we walked right by the American Embassy!
 The boys had had enough and were being pretty good troopers, so we surprised them with a visit to Legoland.
 Pirateland was a hit, of course!

 The biggest hit was NINJAGOland!!
 The guys built, and played, and ran, and explored!  
 There were BIG smiles all around!
 We ended the night at a really cool Asian restaurant!
It was such a fun trip!  I am hoping that we meet up again soon!  

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