Sunday, November 25, 2012

Berlin day 2

 We woke up to a beautiful day in Berlin.  
 We bought tickets to a bus tour of Berlin, but it didn't start until 10:00.  We walked over to the Berliner Dom and took a look around.  It was gorgeous.
 We were able to take about a billion stairs up tot the top of the dome to take a look at the city.....I mean fog.  
 Then, it was back on the bus for us!
 We stopped at the Brandenburg Gate and we learned a bit of history.  Apparently, Napoleon stole the statue on the top of the gate.  Eight years later, it was returned by Field Marshal Gebhard von Blucher.  After our trip to Paris, the boys have been really interested in facts about Napoleon.
 Next stop....Charlottenburg Palace.  We stopped in and had enjoyed an audio tour of the palace.
 The little guys LOVED the audio tour.   When the adults zipped through a room, the boys would always tell us to wait....theirs wasn't finished, yet!
 This room was my favorite!  It was filled with over 2000 pieces of pottery!
 These guys loved the palace!
Direct quote from Ethan about this hall:  WOW could do lots of races here!
We ended the day with a long bus ride.  The boys were tired and so we finished up the night again to get a good sleep for day three!

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