Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My baby boy is READING!  I am so excited!  Check out the video of him reading a book that he got from the library just today!  He had read it once before to me and this was the second time to Daddy.  After the video, he asked if we wanted to hear him count to 100.  Last time I checked, he could count to about 30.  Sure enough, he counted all the way to 100.  We were all SHOCKED.  He said, "Yeah I practiced today while I was pooping on the potty." 
I let this crazy boy make chocolate milk for dinner tonight.  He was sweet and decided to make it for his brother too!  After about ten scoops of Ovaltine, I told him that was enough.   At dinner, Ethan took a sip and said, "WOAH! This is chocolatey!" 

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