Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cologne, Germany

Our first stop today was to see the "Dom" or Cathedral.  My poor pitiful camera did not do this place justice.  It reminded me of Notre Dame in Paris.  It was gorgeous! 
This is the oldest crucifix in the western world.  
 Nate bought an English guide brochure.  He was looking everything up and reporting it to us.  These little guys just didn't grasp how cool and old this place is!  
 We had an ENORMOUS breakfast at the hotel, but we are always looking for our next meal!  We stopped at a hole in the wall pizza place and had some awesome pizza.  I don't think we have had pizza that good since NYC! 
 Next stop was Lindt chocolate factory!  
 They have a greenhouse that has a real cocoa tree.   I thought the factory was hot (no AC), but the greenhouse made the factory feel cool!  
 They had real machines making little samples of chocolate.  It was so cool!  Ethan especially loved this part! 
 At the end, the lady dipped wafers into a chocolate fountain and you got to eat it!  YUMMMO!
 Guess who was first in line!
 We've been reading Grimm's Fairy Tales.  The boys loved seeing Hansel and Gretel and the witch's house. 
 Some new friends recommended the a Gestapo prison.  The actual prison cells were cool.  Most of the prisoners left notes written on the walls.  They had them translated into English which was fantastic for us to see.  I didn't think about the discussions that would come up from going here.  
After walking for about seven hours, we all needed a break.  Nate and I needed a Starbucks break and the boys needed a video game break!  
We finished the night off with another FANTASTIC meal at a German pub!  Schnitzel and sausage!  YES PLEASE!

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Jennifer said...

Link looks like he LOVED the pizza part. That grin on his face is fabulous!