Monday, June 18, 2012

Pappy Lynch Funeral

 We left for Pennsylvania on Monday, following Nate's graduation.  As soon as we arrived on Tuesday, we learned that Nate's Pap was in the hospital and not doing very well.  Nate and his mother were able to spend all of Wednesday with Pappy Lynch.  He recognized Nate and was able to do a little bit of writing with him.   On Thursday, June 14th, Pappy Lynch passed away.
 Memaw had a very hard time dividing her time.  I know that her Catholic guilt got the best of her.  She wanted to spend time with her fellas but knew that she needed to be spending time at the hospital and then spending time getting ready for the funeral.  I think she did a pretty darn good job!
 The little guys spent a lot of time this week visiting with Nan!  While we were at the funeral home, Ethan drew her a portrait of herself.  
 Following the funeral, we went outside and took some pictures.  The last time we had a picture with just the brothers Lincoln was 18 months old.   Since we didn't plan on the funeral, we didn't have funeral clothes with us.  Nate only had his service dress from the graduation.  I know he didn't want to wear it, but I know that Pappy wouldn't have had it any other way!
Although we wish there had been different circumstances, it was nice having the whole family together to celebrate Pappy Lynch's life!  This funeral was especially hard on Nate and I this week.  He passed away on our anniversary.  Nate teared up a few times he looked at Nan.  He told me that there was no doubt that those two loved each other deeply.  They were definitely best friends!  

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