Saturday, June 23, 2012

Castle Lichtenberg

I found this great website that lets you know the happenings for the week here!  Today, Lichtenberg Castle had a medieval festival! 
As we arrived, two YOUNG German officers were parking cars.  Nate and I both saw this mess and said NO WAY are we parking there.    I have no clue how they are going to get out of there.

 Nate quickly backed up the car and parked against the woods.  As we were walking down we saw tons of Americans parking next to us!  They must have had the same idea we did.

 We arrived about an hour before the festival started, so we were able to explore the castle. 
 We climbed up about seven flights of stairs to the top of the castle.  Once we got to the top the boys found the armor!  
 The view from the top was amazing! 
There is that crazy parking job.   I feel so bad for those people who are trying to get out!!!
 Mr. Man was in heaven trying on the armor.  He loved it!
 Outside the castle were tons of tents with people in medieval dress.  A super nice man let the boys try on the helmet and hold a real sword!  
 It was so heavy!  Nate had to hold Link's head up!
At the very end, we passed a juggler. I think Link would have sat and watched him the rest of the day!  We can say that we have all seen a castle now!  I am so glad we chose this one to start the trip off!

Tonight, we also tried our first German restaurant.  We ordered schnitzel and bratwurst.  The boys loved the schnitzel.  I think they would have enjoyed the brats more, but they were sitting in sauerkraut.  They didn't like the smell!

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