Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome to Erzenhausen

 This is this sign right outside our village.  WELCOME TO ERZENHAUSEN!  This sign happens to be at the playground for the neighborhood.  
 This playground is amazing!  The most awesome part is the zip line!  The kids love it!
 Look at that smile!  AND....look at the view!  AMAZING!
 Nate enjoyed spinning the boys on the Merry-go-Round.  Apparently....a little too much!  Ethan screamed he was going to be sick and then fell off.  Link got off and was so dizzy!  Daddy is not allowed to push again!  
 They were pretending to be pirates!  Imagine that!  :)
 It seems most parks here have seesaws.  They love these things!
I know I keep saying it, but this place is GORGEOUS!
 (Memaw and Pappy, the boys love their Pittsburgh shirts!

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