Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aachen, Germany

 We went to Aachen, Germany today.  Achen has a very famous Cathedral.  It was a favorite of Charlemagne and was a popular place of king coronations.  The Dom (Cathedral) was gorgeous!
 Inside the gold boxes were the remains of King Otto I and Charlemagne.  

The fellas enjoyed loving on each other while we were looking around at everything.
We found this great little cafe outside the Dom.  They had the most amazing salad and pizza.  We ate GOOD this trip!
I wanted one more picture.  Little bit was getting cranky and tired of walking!  On the drive home, the gas light came on.  We were SUPER nervous about finding gas.  Lets just say....gas stations were few and far between.  Public restrooms were also sparse!!!  We had a great time on our first European getaway....with kids!!

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