Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Day in Germany

We arrived in Germany, made a stop to the commissary, and made it to our temporary apartment by 5:00 pm.  We were all exhausted!  We put the little boys in bed by 7:00 pm and Nate and I stayed up until 9:00.  Surprisingly, we all had trouble sleeping.  It seems all of us were up between 11-2.  
The worst part was that Nate had to get up at 5:00am to go to in processing.   Our car is here, but Nate has to get it registered and get his driver's license before we can drive it.  That means one of his sponsors has to come and get him.  It made for an EARLY morning!  The little guys and I slept in until 10:00!

After eating a quick breakfast, the boys and I went exploring!  We walked up the street and found a German grocery store.  We stopped in for some German chocolate.  YUMMY!
I bought Lincoln these really cute pirate shoes in Alabama.   They may not be the best shoes for walking on these sidewalks   He fell after walking a few feet and scraped his knee.

 We kept walking and found  park with a playground.  Everything was shaded and green!  If you look past Ethan you can see the rolling hills.  There are huge mechanical windmills, as well.  They look exactly like the ones near Memaw and Pappy's house!
 The kids loved the playground.  We stayed a long time.  There was another American family there with two twin boys.  The boys were adventurous and decided to jump over a creek that ran in the middle of the park.  Of course, my boys decided that they needed to do this too!
Lincoln was not so successful at jumping the creek.  After he fell in and got soaked, we left!  We did go back that evening to show Nate!  We also stopped at the grocery store to get big soft pretzel!

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