Friday, June 22, 2012

German House

 We found a house and it only took three days!!

 Honestly, the yard and back patio sold us!  
This is the patio.  I am standing in the living room looking out!
 This is the living room.  We bought a great rug before we came.  It will be perfect here!
 This is our kitchen.  The door that is open is the German fridge!  It is so tiny!  Lucky for us, the base will give us an American fridge!  They will also give us an American washer and dryer.

The family bathroom (we will share on the middle level) is being completely remodeled.  This is the bathroom that will be upstairs for the guests.  It also has a bathtub.  I think the other bathroom will look almost identical.  The guest bedroom upstairs is enormous.  It will hold our guest bed, treadmill, elliptical, and all of our other storage items.  
 Another HUGE plus for us was that the master bedroom has a lot of wardrobes!  German houses usually do not have closets!  The base will also give each of us a wardrobe for our rooms.
The master bedroom has a balcony.  This is view from our window!  
The boys rooms are getting new carpet, so I don't have good pictures of their rooms!  
We found out that we can move in mid July.  The base is going to loan us some temporary furniture until our household goods arrive!  We can't wait!  

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Jennifer said...

Love it Mandy! Can't wait to see the touches you put on it.